WFU Press goes digital: E-books now available

WFU Press is putting its first foot forward into the world of e-books. It has teamed up with wakexpress and Tizra to produce its first electronic poetry books.

The e-books are published in a PDF version that can be viewed on any e-reader, tablet, smartphone or computer. All e-books run at $9.95, which is a discounted price from the paperback versions. Selected poems are also available for individual downloads at  $0.95 each.

WFU Press currently has three e-books offered: Michael Longely’s A Hundred Doors, John Montague’s Speech Lessons and Harry Clifton’s The Winter Sleep of Captain Lemass.

WFU Press would love to hear feedback and thoughts about the transition to the digital publishing world. You can leave them a comment on their Facebook page or tweet to @WFUPress.

Visit this website to be one of the first e-book downloaders!