T430s ThinkPad problem solved

Information Systems, in collaboration with Lenovo, is ready to repair the T430s ThinkPad. Lenovo and Intel staff worked around the world, day and night, to determine the cause of the problem and how to fix it.

The solution requires that Lenovo technicians repair the ThinkPad. Lenovo will send a team of technicians to campus to repair the machines already in the hands of our students, faculty and staff to assure that the repairs are thorough and complete. Check here for more details on the problem and resolution.

If you received a T430s ThinkPad

All students, faculty and staff who use a T430s ThinkPad must participate in this repair, even if you are not experiencing the blue screen and rebooting problem. Without this repair, there is a high probability that the problem will occur.

T430s ThinkPad users must sign up for a repair time through the Professional Development Center. We are currently scheduling repairs beginning on Monday, Sept. 17, through Friday, Sept. 28.

If you are waiting on a T430s ThinkPad

The machines that were scheduled for your receipt are currently at Lenovo and will soon be ready for those waiting for a T430s ThinkPad. This includes the class of 2014 and some faculty and staff. Information Systems will be in touch soon with specific dates, times and instructions for receiving the T430s ThinkPad.