New recruiting tools available from HR

Job Posting Request Form and Job Description Template:
The Job Posting Request Form is now available for use and may be found on the Forms and Documents page on the Human Resources website. This form collects all information necessary to post a position in OpenHire. Additionally, a revised template is available for new and modified job descriptions.

Internal Career Portal:
An internal career portal is now available, which provides the capability for WFU colleagues to review various positions before they become available to the general public. Also, it provides numerous career planning tools, including interview tips, résumé advice, and professional development opportunities. To access the portal, log into your WIN account and click the Info Central tab, and then WFU Community Career Opportunities.

E-Verify is an internet-based system that allows organizations to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States, which must be done per North Carolina law.  All new faculty and staff members, beginning Sept. 10, will be “E-Verified.” Any department that chooses to employ student workers will need to identify a dedicated E-Verify administrator, who will be responsible for E-Verifying all student workers within three days of the student’s first day of work.  For additional information, and to complete the required training, please sign up for a class through the PDC website.