Hatch names committee members

Dear Wake Forest Community,

Early this month, I shared plans for three advisory committees to lead Wake Forest in discussions of important topics: Commencement Speaker Advisory, Chick-fil-A Campus Dialogue and Vice President for Campus Life Advisory.  Today, I am pleased to announce the faculty, staff and students who will serve on them this year.

The committees and members include:

Commencement Speaker Advisory Committee:

Rogan Kersh, Provost, Chair
Tre Easton, Student Government President
Mary Foskett, Professor, Religion
Stephanie Jack, President, Student Union
Jim O’Connell, Student Trustee
Samantha Perrota, Wake Forest Fellow, Provost Office
Mary Pugel, Chief of Staff, President’s Office
Jennifer Richwine, Assistant Vice President, University Events
Miles Silman, Professor, Biology
Kim Struglinski, Wake Forest Fellow, President’s Office

Chick-fil-A Campus Dialogue Committee:

Rogan Kersh, Provost, Chair
Jennifer Collins, Associate Provost, Academic and Strategic Initiatives
Anna Donze, Student
Tre Easton, Student Government President
Erik Johnson, Associate Professor, Biology
Angela Mazaris, Director, LGBTQ Center
Hof Milam, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
Reid Morgan, Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Mark Petersen, Vice President for Advancement
Mary Pugel, Chief of Staff, President’s Office
Lynn Sutton, Dean of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library
Ron Wright, Professor, Law School

Vice President for Campus Life Advisory Committee:

Nathan Hatch, President; Co-Chair
Rogan Kersh, Provost; Co-Chair
Kristen Bryant, Wake Forest Fellow, Student Life
Andy Chan, Vice President for Career Development
Jennifer Collins, Associate Provost for Academic and Strategic Initiatives
Jacque Fetrow, Dean of the College
Sam Gladding, Professor, Psychology; Faculty Senate Senior University Appointments Committee member
Meghan Haenn, Special Projects Administrator, Office of Finance and Administration
Katy Harriger, Professor, Political Science
Jed Macosko, Associate Professor, Physics
Alta Mauro, Director, Multicultural Affairs
Jim O’Connell, Student Trustee
Mary Pugel, Chief of Staff, President’s Office
David Yamane, Associate Professor, Sociology

I am grateful to all who have accepted membership on the committees and look forward to the collaborative efforts and productive dialogue ahead.


Nathan O. Hatch