CARE Team plays key role

Dear Wake Forest Community,

As the academic year begins, we want to remind you of the work of the Wake Forest University Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation (CARE) Team.  CARE teams formally arose on our nations’ campuses after the tragedy at Virginia Tech and other institutions.  Our own CARE Team serves the Wake Forest University community by assessing, responding to, and providing ongoing evaluation of disruptive, troubling, or threatening behaviors brought to the attention of the team.  The purpose of our team is twofold:  to provide a resource to the campus to help with violence prevention and to connect students, staff, and faculty with support resources.

Students, staff, and faculty alike play an important role in helping to maintain a safe campus.  The early identification and communication of behaviors of concern exhibited by students, employees, and visitors to the University is vital to ongoing violence prevention.  This aids the team in developing constructive approaches to help people in need. Upon receipt of information regarding a person of concern, our CARE Team discreetly acts to assess the reported behavior(s), respond with support resources when needed, and provide ongoing evaluation of the situation.

The CARE Team also provides education and outreach to the community to assist in the identification of concerning behaviors.  Team members are available to present at group meetings and for individual consultation by request.  Dr. James Raper of our University Counseling Center and University Police Chief Regina Lawson serve as co-chairs of the CARE Team, which includes representatives and liaisons from throughout the University.  Vice-President Ken Zick provides administrative oversight of the team.

For more information about the CARE Team, including contact information, team composition, and descriptions of behaviors of concern, please visit:

Thank you for your assistance in assuring that our campus remains a safe place for all of us to live, learn, and work together in the spirit of Pro Humanitate.


Rogan Kersh

Hof Milam
Senior V.P. for Finance and Administration/CFO