Residence hall association awards WFU

The Wake Forest Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) won four state-wide awards through the North Carolina Association of Residence Halls (NCARH) during the month of May.

Wake Forest winners were:

Graduate Hall Director — Molly Brummett
Excerpts from her nomination: Molly Brummett … is always available for her staff and residents. She runs conductive weekly meetings, clearly articulates her expectations for her staff, and is important in program planning. … Molly is an organized and effective hall director. … She is a critical part of the staff of Palmer/Piccolo.

Resident Assistant — Andrew Ellis
Excerpts from his nomination: Andrew Ellis really took the lead on one of our most successful hall-wide programs of the year (the Cookout). … Andrew not only volunteered for tasks above and beyond his share, but also personally ensured that every detail was addressed. … Even when we had grill problems, his positive attitude and creative problem-solving skills were indefatigable until it was resolved. Truly, this social community-building program would not have been half as successful without Andrew’s leadership.

Spotlight — WFU Facilities Team
Excerpts from the nomination: A heating malfunction set off fire sprinklers in the Taylor Hall Lounge. Carpets and furniture were drenched with the water that could be seen coming out from the doors to the lounge. Not only is our lounge functioning again, but carpeting was replaced within a week. There was little resident concern because the people who work for facilities were seen inside making our community a nice place to live. … Overall, facilities did a fantastic job restoring the Taylor lounge.

Community Service — WFU & St. Baldricks
Excerpts from the nomination: St. Baldricks is a non-profit foundation which encourages volunteers to shave their heads in solidarity with children who have cancer. They are sponsored by family and friends, raising money towards research for pediatric cancer. The program invited Wake Forest students to shave their heads. A pediatric oncologist from Wake Forest Baptist Health, who spoke about the foundation. Wake Radio played music at the event.