Custodians win awards

WFU representatives pose with their awards.

From left: Myrtle Farabee, Residence Life and Housing custodian; Tim Poskin, custodial training manager; Jim Coffey, interim director, custodial services; Jim Alty, associate vice president, Facilities and Campus Services; Matthew Lawrence, custodial manager; Susie Hardwick, Worrell team leader

The custodial department at Wake Forest took home two awards from the national OS1 Symposium held in New Orleans on Aug. 6. The Simon Institute, a nonprofit organization that supports the cleaning industry, awarded Best Cleaning Quality Improvement and Certification Program to the Wake Forest team.

The awards come in the third year of Wake Forest’s transition to a new cleaning management system called OS1, which provides a higher level of cleanliness and better accountability in cleaning buildings. About half the University has transitioned to this system, including most of the academic buildings.

Custodian Charles Nicholson uses a backpack vacuum cleaner.

Custodian Charles Nicholson uses a backpack vacuum cleaner.

Also, six WFU custodians were recognized with Outstanding Cleaning Worker awards.

Please congratulate:

• Myrtle Farabee
• Susie Hardwick
• Charles Nicholson
• Ederman Palaez de Herrera
• Gary Samuels
• Michael Woodard