Wake Forest cleans up

The Simon Institute, a nonprofit organization that supports the cleaning industry, has nominated Wake Forest for 11 Cleaning Industry Awards – the most ever for the University.

“There’s a total of 16 awards, and we’re nominated in eleven categories,” said Jim Alty, the associate vice-president of facilities and campus services. “This group actually comes to campus and scores our buildings on cleanliness.”

Alty said that Wake Forest has been transitioning to a new cleaning management system called OS1, which provides a higher level of cleanliness and better accountability in cleaning buildings. About half the University has transitioned to this system, including most of the academic buildings.

“Two years ago, we were nominated at our very first symposium and won best rookie program,” Alty said. “This group benchmarks custodial operations at places like Boeing, Sandia National Laboratories, state governments and other universities.”

The award winners will be announced at the national OS1 Symposium in New Orleans on August 6th.