Sign up for trout fishing in the pool

UPDATE: To read about the event, see the coverage in the Winston-Salem Journal »

Campus Recreation will hold the first trout-fishing event in the Reynolds Gym Pool on Aug. 3 at 5 p.m. The team team will put rainbow trout (about 13-14 inches long) in the pool for people to catch, gut, fry and eat.

“We will have experts in all areas, so if you are not sure how to do any of them this is your chance to learn,” said Jessica Finnerty, the assistant director of campus recreation, aquatics.

Tickets are $10 before July 27 and $15 after. You can register online at this link, or you can register in the pool office (118 Reynolds Gym). A ticket guarantees you one rainbow trout.

The event is open to anyone. Those 15 or younger will need to be on deck with an adult. The top five rows of the bleachers will be open for observation.

Frequently asked questions:

  • No, fish can not live in chlorine. Chemicals will be turned off  48 hours in advance, and hose water and ice will be added.
  • The pool’s annual draining and cleaning will be immediately after this event.
  • Fishing poles and bait will be provided, but ticket-holders can bring their own poles.
  • Fishing will only be in the deep well.
  • The trout are coming from a farm in Virginia.
  • Only six people will be allowed to fish at one time.
  • You can skip any station you want (example: take your trout to the gutting station and not participate)
  • If you want to take your trout home to grill after it has been caught and gutted, that is fine.

Other questions? Contact Finnerty at or 336.758.3490.