President Hatch message: Strategic Resources Initiative

Dear Members of the Wake Forest Community,

As we bring another productive year to a close, it is appropriate to cast an eye toward our future and reflect on our remarkable momentum. Wake Forest has never been stronger and the accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff have gained national and international attention. Applications for admission to Wake Forest are at an all time high, and we have solidified our position among the nation’s top 25 universities.

It is essential that we continue to build on the momentum we have created. To ensure our ability to do so, I believe we need to become ever better stewards of the resources we have and to strive to be even more innovative in how we support our mission as a collegiate university. Toward that end, this September we will launch the Strategic Resources Initiative, with the charge of assessing our opportunities to capture funds through greater efficiency, collaboration and practical solutions.

I have asked Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance, Hof Milam, and incoming Provost Rogan Kersh to lead this initiative.  In the coming weeks, we will appoint committees to commence a review of strategies that will allow us to best support our core academic mission and our ambitions to be innovators in higher education.  Our goal is continued progress on our most important strategic priorities, including competitive compensation for faculty and staff.  This effort, under my direction and with the full support of the Board of Trustees, will be designed to be inclusive, with opportunities for all members of the community to offer their ideas and perspectives.

Wake Forest is one of the most compelling places of higher learning in the country and our momentum, built through the uncommon dedication of our faculty and staff, has never been greater.  We believe our finest days lie ahead and our aspirations for Wake Forest should soar with the strength of our commitment to Pro Humanitate.  I request your support of this effort and your continued dedication to making Wake Forest the nation’s premier collegiate university.

Nathan O. Hatch