CIT hosts forum Tuesday

As part of the Next Steps in Academic Technology discussion this spring, the Committee for Information Technologies (CIT) is exploring a number of ideas related to academic information technologies, including the laptop program.

In May, the committee will submit a set of recommendations to the Information Technologies Executive Committee (ITEC). Currently, the CIT is gathering comments and suggestions from departments, schools, students and faculty, all of which are vital to the process of developing its final recommendations. Important documents can be found on the Next Steps website.

As recently reported in the Old Gold and Black, the CIT is considering several possible computing options for undergraduates, including a Windows-only based standard, a Mac-only standard, and a blend of these two. The draft CIT subcommittee report reflects this, and addresses all the points as outlined by ITEC. Please keep in mind that the CIT is still discussing the subcommittee draft report.

There are two opportunities available to you to provide input into our continuing discussions:

  • On the Next Steps web page, under Online Forums, there is a link to CIT Online Discussion.  You are invited to submit your comments and suggestions using this electronic public discussion by Friday, May 4, 2012.
  • The CIT is hosting a forum on Tuesday, May 1, from 2-3:30pm, in the Annenberg Forum.  Almost all of the time will be available for comments from the Reynolda campus community.  I hope that each of you will come for some or all of the forum, and will participate.

Your suggestions and comments will assist the CIT in its continuing discussions and help define the future of Reynolda campus academic technologies.