Use ResolveIT: the online, self-service express lane for IS

Information Systems has made the submission of your technology-related requests much easier by improving ResolveIT. You can submit your technology related requests or issues 24/7, get faster resolution time, view the status of your current requests and skip the phone calls or walks to the Service Desk.

The new ResolveIT features a new page layout and design with the categories of Information Systems’ services that you use. Use ResolveIT to get faster resolution for common requests, such as:

  • WIN issues
  • Telecom service requests
  • Email or listserv assistance
  • WFUvisitor wireless network account setup
  • Listserv owner changes
  • Data changes
  • Projector or other multimedia repair/setup
  • Banner password resets
  • Network jack activation

If you have not seen these new enhancements, go to, then click on the ‘ResolveIT ‘ button to log in.

Learn more about how to get the most out of ResolveIT by enrolling in a class through the Professional Development Center.