North Campus construction parking: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers regarding the parking challenges created by the construction of new residence halls on North Campus. To read the main story about the changes, which includes links to maps, click here.

1. Was parking considered at the time the new residence halls were approved?
Options to deal with parking are always considered during the development of a new building.  Unfortunately, the timing of construction, which must begin immediately in order to open the new rooms to students in August 2013, was not sufficient to design and build new paved parking.

2. How many parking spaces will construction close?
Approximately 350 spaces will be lost immediately by the construction starting at the end of February. Map [PDF]

3. Who will be most affected by the loss of these parking spaces?
The changes will affect students, both residential and commuter, faculty and staff members. Parking for the remainder of this semester could be challenging, but the short-term solutions we’ve recommended should alleviate most issues. We are still looking for long-term solutions to the problem and invite your comments. Please use this feedback form to share your ideas.

4. With 350 parking spaces closing now, and the influx of 480 students into the new residence halls in August 2013, should Wake Forest consider a parking deck?
A parking deck that would alleviate the University’s parking problems would cost about $10 million dollars. Wake Forest University is committed to enhancing the total student experience but would rather spend that money on education and educational facilities than parking.

The 480 students who will live in the new residence halls are current Wake Forest students, not new students. Chances are they already bring a car to campus.

5. It’s been recommended that commuter and residential students park in the lots across Polo Road that frequently have vacancies. Will that cost less than parking on campus?
Yes. Students who turn in their on-campus parking permits by March 9, 2012 will receive $150 if they park in the Polo Road lots. The shuttle service will continue to run at no charge, and more frequent shuttles will be provided as demand justified.

6. It’s been recommended that commuter and residential students park in the University Corporate Center (UCC) lot. Will that cost less than parking on campus? Are there safety concerns about student using that lot?
Yes. Students who turn in their on-campus parking permits to park in the UCC lot for the remainder of this academic year will receive $300.
Safety is a top priority. The UCC area has heavy traffic from University employees who work in in the building and park there. It has the same security features of our other parking lots – a blue light call box, well-lit shuttle shelter and lights all around the parking area. Wake Forest police will continue to patrol that lot and are planning to install video cameras.

  • An on-site security guard will be on duty from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. – the same period as gate house security on campus – seven days a week
  • Shuttle service will be offered every fifteen minutes from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m., a shuttle will be stationed at the shelter to pick up any students who park in the lot to immediately deliver them to campus between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m.

Shuttle service in this lot will take students directly to their residence halls at night.

7. Has Wake Forest considered charging more for parking permits in order to build more parking lots or parking structures?
We feel the cost of the parking permits is appropriate at this time. Student rates for next academic year will be the same.

8. How much revenue does the university earn from students who pay for parking in Wake Forest lots?
The sale of parking permits earns about $1 million each year, which goes into the general fund for operating the university.

How many on-campus commuter parking permits were sold this year?
The university limited the number of commuter permits to 900 this year.  On-campus commuter permits sell out quickly each year.

10. Are there limits on how many residential students can buy permits?
No, there are no limits on residential students at this time.

11. Is Wake Forest considering faculty/staff paid parking permits?

The Parking Department habitually gathers data from peer institutions regarding faculty/staff permit fees and how those fees are used to improve parking at those colleges and universities.  At this time, WFU has no plans to implement a faculty or staff permit fee.

12. Are there plans to build additional temporary gravel parking lots during construction?
We are currently looking at additional options around campus to include temporary gravel lots and welcome your suggestions. Please use this feedback form to share your ideas.

13. Are there underutilized parking lots that could help alleviate some parking challenges?
The lots across Polo Road at First Assembly, particularly Lot A, have vacancies on most days.  The satellite lot at the University Corporate Center (near Bridger Field House) is also mostly vacant.  They are probably our most-underutilized parking lots. If students, faculty and staff begin using that lot more heavily, we would increase shuttle frequency to make it more convenient for those who park there.