January 2012 comings & goings

See a list of employees joining and leaving the University in January 2012:


Ansel, Nehemiah Lucas; Shop Assistant (Landscape); Facilities & Campus Services

Belcher, Nathan C; Campus Shuttle Driver; Facilities & Campus Services

Belk, Amanda Katherine; Custodian; Facilities & Campus Services

Blackburn, Timothy Charles; Part-Time Faculty; English

Blackie, Laura Elizabeth Rebecca; Postdoctorial Research Assoc.; Psychology

Brown, Alan Ray; Telecommunications Analyst, Sr; Information Systems

Cabaniss, Emily Regis; Tutor; Athletics

Carpenter, Dawn Gregory; Adjunct; Schools of Business

Carter, Khadijah Renee; Custodian; Facilities & Campus Services

Cauble, Donna Leigh; Tutor; Athletics

Chadwick, Edward G.; Adjunct; Schools of Business

Cummings, Jasper Lee; Adjunct; School of Law

de Varona, Maria de Los Angeles; Adjunct; Psychology

Dillon, Amy Leigh; Custodian; Facilities & Campus Services

Ebert, Christine Pontillo; Tutor; Athletics

Farmer, Meredith Ann; Part-Time Instructor; English

Ferrario, Marta Isabel; Tutor; Athletics

Frazier, Ellen E; Temp Admissions Assistant; Admissions: Undergraduate

Freeze, Kent Earl; Part-Time Instructor; Political Science

Garrison, Samuel Boettcher; Custodian; Facilities & Campus Services

Gentry, William A.; Adjunct; Schools of Business

Gray, DeOnna Lavette; Adjunct; Romance Languages

Grim, Jamie Lynn; Tutor; Athletics

Hartle, Michele Strelecki; Administrative Coordinator; Schools of Business

Hicks, Shawn B.; Adjunct; Theatre: Dance

Himebauch, Jonathan Walker; Assistant Coach, Football; Athletics

Hines, Mikela Renee; Room Service Attendant; Graylyn

Howell, Tracy Lynnette; Learning Specialist; Information Systems

Hunter, Holly Lynn; Accts Payable Clerk Temp; Financial & Accounting Service

Jessup, Chet W; Security Officer; University Police

Johnson, Charles Weeks; President, WFU Chlt Ctr Bov; Schools of Business

Kavanaugh, Jack ; Adjunct; Schools of Business

Kirouac, Christine Marie; PT Asst Prof; Art

Knox, Brenda Leigh; Director, Online Education

Korte, Matthew A.; Director of Sales; Athletics: Group Sales

Laughter, Elizabeth Jayne; Office Administrator; Office of Investments

Ledezma, Candance Renea; Laundry Attendant; Graylyn

Lough, John Robert; Adjunct; Schools of Business

Mays, Wesley T.; Laboratory Technician; Physics

McConnell, Terrance C.; Adjunct; Bioethics

McConnell, Troy Len; Adjunct; Schools of Business

McCormick, Karen ; Administrative Assistant; Counseling

O’Reilly, Caitriona Patricia; Part-Time Assistant Professor; English

Ortega, Sonia Yanet; Custodian 2nd Shift; Facilities and Campus Services

Rehm, Thomas Robert; Adjunct; School of Law

Rogers, Jennifer Lindsey; Adjunct; Counseling

Ross, Darren Latrae; Sanitation Coordinator; Facilities & Campus Services

Russell, Michael Todd; Marching Band Assistant; Music: Band

Ryon, Melissa Marie; Administrative Assistant; OPCD: Innovation/Creativity/Entpnshp

Samli, Sherife Ayla; PT Asst Prof; Women’s and Gender Studies

Sheaffer, Christopher Isaac; Adjunct Asst Prof; Psychology

Sheldrake, Peter Francis; Adjunct; Schools of Business

Simpson, Drusilla C.; Admin Assistant; Schools of Business

Swartzentruber, Elaine K.; Part-Time Asst Prof; Religion

Thames, DaQuawn DeShawn; Sanitation Coordinator; Facilities & Campus Services

Triplett, Kelli N.; Adjunct; Health & Exercise Science

Tyson, Terri Leigh; Accountant, Gen Accounting; Financial & Accounting Service

Valerio, Enmanuel; Fleet Services Assistant; Facilities & Campus Services

Vermitsky, John Carl; Adjunct; School of Law

Wallace, Reece L.; Assistant Mngr Equip Serv; Athletics: Equipment Room

Wroblewski, Michael ; Part-Time Faculty; Anthropology


Adkins, Emmie M.; Advancement: Gifts/Records

Coffin, Robert Charles; Physics

Fife, Camille Suzanne; Dean of Wake Forest College

Gall, Elizabeth Hollingsworth; Advancement: College Development

Green, Michelle Renee; Facilities and Campus Services

Hicks, Cheryl Jamila; Office of Investments

Johnson, Rita M.; Computer Science

Kennedy, James; Facilities and Campus Services

Patel, Parul Ramesh; Schools of Business

Reid, Melvin George; Facilities and Campus Services

Shotkoski, Angela Elizabeth; Financial & Accounting Service

Simmons, Judy Carolyn; Library – ZSR

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