Tobacco cessation program

The Human Resources Department will host a fourth round of the Tobacco Cessation program called “Freedom from Smoking” starting in January 2012. This program includes a six-week tobacco-cessation class and a $400 benefit toward specific tobacco cessation products. Products include bupropion, Nicoderm CQ patch, Nicotrol patch, Nicorette gum and Commit lozenge.

Participants should consult with their physician prior to beginning the classes and to discuss medication therapy. Research shows that a tobacco cessation class combined with medication therapy increases success.

The classes will be held on Wednesdays at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the Benson University Center, room 410. Registration through the PDC is required –

All faculty and staff (full-time, part-time and temporary) can register for this program through the Professional Development Center. Spouses and same sex domestic partners are also welcome to sign up for the program regardless if they are on our insurance plans or not.

Previous participants enjoyed the camaraderie and support from their fellow class members as well as the caring guidance they received from the program manager, Chandra Parker. She is known locally for this program and is a true supporter of the participants during this program. All information shared in this class is confidential.

Please e-mail or call HR at 758-4700 with any questions.