Message from John McConnell

John McConnellA message from John D. McConnell, MD, CEO of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center: I would like to invite you to view our latest Focus Forward video, the 28th in the series, which features the following:

  • Breast cancer research team includes Drs. Frank Torti (Comprehensive Cancer Center), Lance Miller (Cancer Biology), Suzy Torti (Biochemistry) and others. View the video (.wmv) »
  • Brenda Kelly, RN, MA, director of nursing, oncology services, received the Certified Advanced Nurse Award at the National Magnet Conference. View the video (.wmv) »
  • Sanjay Saha, Executive Vice President, Operations. View the video (.wmv) »
  • Standardized uniforms help our patients identify their caregivers. View the video (.wmv) »