Lockhart, Adair are Employees of the Year

Sheila LockhartAt the Staff Awards Luncheon in October, Sheila Lockhart and Scott Adair were named Employees of the Year.

Scott AdairLockhart is the administrative assistant in the Department of Religion. Adair is the manager of the offsite storage facility for the Z. Smith Reynolds Library.

Below are the comments read about them at the luncheon:

Sheila Lockhart

Lockhart is, in many ways, the heart of the department. When asked through a survey “What are the top 10 reasons for choosing this major?” the fifth most frequent response by students was Lockhart. She is an extraordinarily hard-working person whose commitment to faculty and students is unwavering and, in many ways, difficult to convey.

Sheila LockhartWhere Lockhart is most impressive – and where this nomination seems most warranted – is in her care and concern for others, particularly students in need. Lockhart’s file is loaded with thank-you notes and commendations from students, parents and fellow workers. On numerous occasions, several members of the department have witnessed graduating students at the end of the year bringing their parents by the department, not to meet a faculty member, but to meet Lockhart.

One work-study student stayed at Lockhart’s house during the summer of 2006 because the student could not afford summer tuition, housing and to study abroad the next semester. There are other accounts of students who, for various reasons, have stayed at Lockhart’s house for an extended time.

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Lockhart has taken the initiative to seek training and consult others to better her knowledge and improve her performance.

In sum, this employee represents, particularly in the care and concern for students as well as fellow workers, the ideals of “pro humanitate.”

Scott Adair

Adair has been described as showing extraordinary dedication, making necessary and sometimes difficult changes. He has been unfailing in his willingness to do what is necessary, and he has creatively worked through many and all roadblocks.

Scott AdairAdair accepted the challenge of essentially starting a completely new job in an area where nobody in the department knew what to do. He learned an entirely new-to-the-department computer system and got certified to run a cherry-pickier. He also made exhaustive lists for management and provided helpful advice for those who would take up the mantle for various roles. Through all this, Adair maintained a helpful attitude and the deadpan sense of humor that his colleagues have known through the years.

Adair faced down many a problem and found workable solutions, never letting defeat be a word used (although he did add and use some some new vocabulary words). He worked through aching muscles, an unruly and opinionated workforce, constant interruption from University higher-ups and vendors, all the while managing a software package that is anything but easy to work with.

Adair spearheaded a major project in the department that has widespread benefit for Wake Forest faculty and students. His dedication to the mission, helping the unit succeed in this endeavor both here and at the off-site building, makes Adair deserving of the recognition of the Employee of the Year.