WFU to test emergency alert systems Aug. 9

On August 9, Wake Forest will test the University’s outdoor and cable TV emergency alert systems. The testing will occur at 10 a.m.

During testing of the outdoor system, speakers at four locations will broadcast an electronic tone followed by an announcement stating that the system is being tested. The outdoor system features a siren, too, but it will not be activated.

The outdoor system’s four speakers will broadcast the tone and message from the following locations: Davis Field beside Wake Forest Road, an area behind Kentner Stadium near radio station WFDD, an area along Wingate Road near the offices and shops of Facilities and Campus Services, and an area between the University Corporate Center and BB&T Field.

During the test of the cable TV alert system, a banner announcing the test will appear across the screens of televisions that have been turned on and are connected to the campus cable TV system. The banner will appear on any channel.

Both alert systems are part of the Wake Alert system for announcing emergencies occurring on campus. Wake Alert is comprised of multiple methods for announcing emergencies, including the Wake Alert website at