New Wake Forest ID card

Message from Residence Life and Housing:

In August, the Office of Residence Life and Housing will replace all of the card readers in buildings around the Reynolda Campus with improved smart-card technology. The update will require every returning student, faculty and staff member to obtain a new Deacon OneCard. Please anticipate additional information with specific instructions to obtain your new card.

We hope to make the transition to the new card readers as seamless as possible and believe that the benefits of the new system will outweigh the possible inconvenience associated with an upgrade of this nature. In addition to being more reliable and more cost effective than the old card readers, the new card readers will be more convenient to use. The card readers will activate by presenting the card within two inches of the face of the card reader for one or two seconds rather than requiring sustained contact. All of the other current functions of the Deacon OneCard will remain the same.

Again, you will receive additional information with specific instructions to obtain your new card, however, the following should provide an idea of what to expect. If you do not receive a new Deacon OneCard through the methods described below, you will be required to visit the Deacon OneCard office in the Benson Center, Room 101, beginning August 22, to receive your card.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the Office of Residence Life and Housing at 336-758-5185 or


  • Incoming freshmen and transfer residential students will receive a new Deacon OneCard in Benson 401 on Friday, August 26 from Residence Life and Housing professional staff members during WFU Campus Services Day.
  • Graduate students will receive a new Deacon OneCard at orientation.
  • Returning graduate students can pick up their new Deacon OneCard in their Department.
  • Returning residential students will receive a new Deacon OneCard at Residence Hall check-in.
  • Returning undergraduate off-campus students may pick up their card at Deacon OneCard Office beginning Monday, August 22nd.
  • Returning students will exchange the old Deacon OneCard and sign for the new Deacon OneCard.
  • Students who have lost or otherwise do not have their old Deacon OneCard to exchange will be directed to go to the Deacon OneCard Office to receive the new card.

Faculty and Staff:

  • Each department will have a designated individual who will distribute faculty and staff cards.
  • The designated individual will contact specified faculty and staff to sign for and retrieve their new Deacon OneCard.
  • There will be a brief period when faculty and staff may be required to carry both the new card in conjunction with the old card during the new card reader installation process.
  • Upon completion of the new card reader installation, faculty and staff will be contacted to return the old card to the same individual the new card was received from.
  • Retired faculty and staff who may require a Deacon OneCard may come to the Deacon OneCard office to pick up their new card or send an email t to to request the new card be delivered by mail.

Thank you for your attention to this important issue. Residence Life and Housing is excited about the future of card technology on our campus and we look forward to continuing to serve you.