University approves ‘smoke free policy’

Wake Forest University recently approved a Smoke Free Policy for the Reynolda Campus.

The policy continues to support buildings as smoke-free and prohibits smoking within 25 feet of building doorways and entrances.

Employees are permitted to leave their work place to smoke outside during designated breaks and lunch periods. Portable smoking urns have been provided to assist in the disposal of cigarette butts and other tobacco residue.

The complete policy can be found on the human resources website.

“A committee of faculty and staff representatives worked together to develop a policy that promotes a safe and healthy environment,” said Angela Culler, interim assistant vice president of human resources. “The policy depends on the cooperation of employees, not only to follow the policy, but also to encourage their colleagues who smoke to comply with the policy.”

Smoking cessation classes are offered free of charge through the Professional Development Center. The next classes are scheduled for March 2011. Faculty and staff who register and attend these classes will receive a $400 smoking cessation benefit, which includes a number of prescription products.

Questions related to this policy may be addressed to Human Resources at extension 4700.