January 2011 staff milestones

20 Years

Carolyn M. Hall, Administrative Assistant, Telecommunications

15 Years

Rebecca Reeder Harrington, Training Administrator, Facilities and Campus Services
Patricia L. Idol, Documentation & Communications Manager, Information Systems
Nancy L. Pleban, Assistant to Dean, Student Services

10 Years

Rebecca Elizabeth Boyd, Applications Administrator, Information Systems
Wayland P. Caldwell, Technology Specialist, Schools of Business
Brad L. Lambert, Assistant Football Coach
Vanissa Leigh Zwigard, Laboratory Director, Student Health Services

5 Years

Karen Michelle Brown, Manager, Student Financial Services
Janice Wood Claybrook, Coordinator, Study Abroad, Financial Aid Office
Laurie Jane Fox Cronin, Assistant Director, Career Services
Patrick M. Fillippa, Manager, General Accounting, Financial & Accounting Services
James Richard Lewis Gravely, Police Officer
Dorothy D. Hill, Administrative Coordinator, Counseling Center
Jeremy D. Kindy, UNIX Systems Administrator, Information Systems
Jennifer Ann Plemmons, Staff Accountant, University Stores
Archie Beasley Sanders, Special Coating Technician, Facilities and Campus Services

1 Year

Lauren Rogers Beam, Career Counselor, Career Services
James Parker Byrd, Locksmith Team Superintendent, Facilities and Campus Services
Willa McClinton Clement, Custodian, Facilities and Campus Services
Matthew W. Clifford, Director of Residence Life
Derek J. Dombrowski, Senior Sales Consultant, Athletics
Khalid Abdul Fattah Griggs, Associate Chaplain for Muslim Life
Deirdre Evans Honaker, Campus Shuttle Driver, Facilities and Campus Services
Kasey Maxcy Hughes, Project Coordinator, University Events
John W. Lamb, UNIX Systems Administrator, Information Systems
Lauren T. McNeill, Program Coordinator, Schools of Business
Lacramioara Negureanu, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Physics Department
Timothy R. Slade, Custodian, Facilities and Campus Services
Ronald T. Tickle, Campus Shuttle Driver, Facilities and Campus Services
Rachel Anne Weaver, User Tech Support Coordinator, Information Systems