Building temperatures to be turned down over winter break to save energy

In an effort to reduce energy usage over the winter holiday period, heat in campus buildings will be turned down beginning the night of Dec. 23. The University will be closed from Dec. 24 until Jan. 4.

Temperatures will be maintained at no less than 55 degrees (F) during the holiday period. Beginning at 2 a.m. on Jan. 4, heating systems will gradually return buildings to comfortable conditions. All buildings will be at 70 degrees (F) by the time employees arrive at work on Jan. 4. Facilities technicians will arrive early on that date to ensure heating systems reactivate as scheduled.

“Since the University will be largely unoccupied during that 11-day period, we anticipate the lower temperatures will not cause undue hardship,” said Jim Alty, associate vice president for facilities and campus services. “At the same time, this program will generate significant cost savings through less energy consumption. During the December 2009 setback, the University saved approximately $60,000 through reduced energy consumption.”

Staff or faculty who intend to visit or work on campus during the holiday period are advised to wear appropriately warm clothing.