Emergency text/phone alert system test

Wake Forest will conduct a test December 1 of the University’s text/phone alert system for campus emergencies. The test of the MIR3 emergency alert system will occur at 5:30 p.m.

During testing, the alert system will send a text message to students, faculty and staff who have registered their cell phones with the University. The alert system will leave a voice mail message on the office phones of faculty and staff who have not registered a cell phone. (This is not a test of the University’s campus-wide voice mail system.)

The following message will be received: “This is a TEST of the WFU Emergency Mobile Phone Alert System. It is not necessary to reply to this message.”

The text/phone alert system was introduced as part of the University’s continuing effort to increase the number of methods for alerting the University community to emergencies.

If you have not registered your cell phone, please go online to WIN and register. Registration by undergraduate students is required. The University encourages faculty, staff and graduate and professional school students to register. Instructions for registration can be found here.