WFU welcomes new faculty members for 2003-2004

Fifty new faculty members will teach on Wake Forest University’s Reynolda Campus during the 2003-2004 academic year.

Thirty-nine new faculty members will teach in the College of Arts and Sciences. The Wake Forest School of Law will have six new faculty members, Babcock Graduate School of Management will have three new faculty members, and the Calloway School of Business and Accountancy will have two new faculty members.

Following is a list of new faculty in each area:


  • Richard J. Bloomer, instructor in health and exercise science
  • Simona Bondavalli, instructor in Romance languages
  • Beth Bradburn, instructor in English
  • Susan Hays Bussey, visiting assistant professor of English
  • David L. Carroll, associate professor of physics
  • Douglas J. Casson, visiting instructor in political science
  • Gabriela Cerghedean, visiting assistant professor of Romance languages
  • Jill A. Chmielewski, visiting assistant professor of classical languages
  • R. Temple C. Cone, Jr., instructor in English
  • William F. Connell, visiting assistant professor of history
  • Christopher E. Dometrius, visiting assistant professor of mathematics
  • Jacquelyn Fetrow, Reynolds Professor of Computational Biophysics
  • Renee Gutierrez, instructor in Romance languages
  • Stephanie L. Hawkins, visiting assistant professor of English
  • Paul J. Hecht, visiting assistant professor of English
  • Donald W. Helme, assistant professor of communication
  • Avram Hiller, instructor in philosophy
  • Melvin Hinton, instructor in Romance languages
  • Brett Ingram, lecturer in communication
  • Janet L. Joyner, visiting assistant professor of Romance languages
  • Borislav Knezevic, visiting assistanct professor of English
  • Alycia Kubat-Silman, visiting assistant professor of psychology
  • Alyssa A. Lonner, assistant professor of German
  • Jeanie Marklin, instructor in education (fall)
  • John E. Martin, instructor in English
  • Kathryn M. Mayers, assistant professor in Romance languages
  • G. Todd McElroy, visiting assistant professor of psychology
  • Mary Kathryn McKinnon, instructor in mathematics
  • Lynn S. Neal, visiting assistant professor religion
  • Adam J. Newmark, visiting assistant professor of political science
  • Mary Martin Niepold, instructor in journalism
  • Albert B. Rives, visiting professor of chemistry
  • Akbar Salam, assistant professor of chemistry
  • Ellie C. Schemenauer, instructor in political science
  • Diann Sichel, assistant professor of dance
  • Joseph A. Soares, associate professor of sociology
  • Paul T. Thacker, assistant professor of anthropology
  • Jeffrey P. Thompson, instructor in art
  • Tracy S. Wilson, lecturer in education

Calloway School

  • Cyndi Skaar, instructor in business
  • Vinay K. Vasudev, visiting assistant professor of business

Law School

  • Frank Bowman, visiting professor of law (fall)
  • Jennifer M. Collins, assistant professor of law
  • Thomas D. Crandall, visiting professor of law
  • John J. Korzen, associate professor of legal writing
  • Wendy Parker, professor of law
  • Lois L. Shepherd, visiting professor of law (spring)

Babcock School

  • Daniel S. Fogel, executive professor of strategy
  • Michael W. Lawless, visiting associate professor of management
  • Patrick R. McMullen, associate professor of management

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