Survey shows nearly all WFU employees have medical insurance

A recent survey shows that nearly all Wake Forest University employees on the Reynolda Campus have medical insurance.

The survey also shows that nearly all employees who declined to enroll in the Reynolda Campus medical insurance plan actually have coverage.

The survey was distributed in English and Spanish to the 276 employees (out of a total of 1,679 eligible) who declined enrollment. Of the 179 who responded to the survey, 172 indicated they are covered by insurance. In other words, 96 percent of the respondents have insurance.

Of those responding:

  • 155 (86.6 percent) indicated they have insurance through their spouse.
  • 17 (9.5 percent) indicated they have purchased other medical insurance.
  • 7 (3.9 percent) indicated they have no medical insurance.

The survey did have one surprising result. Some of those surveyed indicated they already have Wake Forest insurance—through an enrolled spouse who also works for the university.

As Human Resources Director Ralph Pedersen explains, when a husband and wife are employed at the university, only one needs to enroll in order to cover their family.