New faculty members join Wake Forest University

For the 2001-2002 academic year, 38 new faculty members have joined Wake Forest University to teach on the Reynolda Campus.

Thirty-two new faculty members will teach in the university’s College of Arts and Sciences, three in the Calloway School of Business and Accountancy, two in the School of Law and one in the Babcock Graduate School of Management.

The faculty members are:

Victor Azarya, anthropology
Geoffrey Baym, communication
Harold M. Bell, chemistry
Ronald Bobroff, history
Saylor Breckenridge, sociology
Teresa Ciabattari, sociology
Mark S. Cohen, theatre
Valerie C. Cooper, religion
John Dinan, political science
Ljiljana Dosen-Micovic, chemistry
Margaret R. Ewalt, Romance languages
Eliza Ferguson, history
Gloria J. Fitzgibbon, history (appointment for fall semester only)
Dean J. Franco, English
Martin Guthold, physics
Michael D. Hill, English
Raymond Jones, education
Paul B. Kelley, Romance languages
Dorothea Lotter, philosophy
Grant P. McAllister, German
Michaelis Michael, philosophy (appointment for fall semester only)
Claude Miller, communication
Keith J. Richards, Romance languages
Marielba Rojas, mathematics (appointment begins spring semester)
Evelyn E. Shockley, English
Clark Thompson, philosophy
Maria-Encarna Turner, Romance languages
Tricia M. Walter, Romance languages
Cathy C. Wells, education
Donna Williams, computer science
Yue-Ling Wong, computer science/art
Jennifer Ann Wooten, Romance languages

George R. Aldhizer, III., accounting
James F. Cotter, finance
Denise J. McManus, information systems

Tracey B. Coan, legal writing
Barbara R. Lentz, legal writing

Charalambos L. Iacovou, information technology

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