Proposed tuition, housing charges to be presented to WFU trustees

Proposed changes in Wake Forest University tuition and housing charges will be presented to the university’s board of trustees at its meeting on April 26 and 27. The changes would apply to the 2001-2002 academic year.

The proposal calls for full-time undergraduate tuition to rise 5 percent to $23,530. This year, full-time tuition is $22,410.

Wake Forest’s current undergraduate tuition is among the lowest of the 46 “most competitive” private institutions listed in Barron’s Profile of American Colleges. Only three institutions on the 2000-2001 list have lower tuitions.

Housing costs are proposed to increase 7.3 percent to 10.1 percent, depending on the type of room and the hall.

Changes in tuition rates are also proposed for Wake Forest’s graduate and professional schools.

The fee for automobile registration would increase by $25 to $175.

Financial aid for the current fiscal year totals more than $41 million. A total of 2,649 undergraduate students receive aid. That amounts to 68 percent of the undergraduates.

Need-based aid totals more than $27 million. Thirty-three percent of undergraduates receive need-based aid.

The average financial aid for all recipients is $15,500. The average need-based award for all recipients is $21,000.