WFU’S retiring faculty recognized during commencement

Retiring faculty from Wake Forest University were recognized during the university’s commencement ceremony on May 17. The following 21 faculty are retiring:

Reynolda Campus

  • David Broyles, professor of politics
  • Thomas Mullen, professor of history and former dean of the College
  • Stan Tefft, professor of anthropology
  • Donald Wolfe, professor of theater
  • Richard Zuber, professor of history
  • Peter Peacock, Babcock Graduate School Management, associate professor of marketing and information services
  • James Taylor Jr., School of Law, associate dean of external affairs

Bowman Gray Campus

  • Ralph W. Barnes, professor of neurology
  • George J. Doellgast, associate professor of biochemistry
  • Dr. William R. Hazzard, professor of internal medicine (gerontology)
  • Dr. Allen S. Hudspeth, professor of surgical sciences (cardiothoracic)
  • Dr. Robert I. Kohut, professor of surgical sciences-otolaryngology
  • Dr. Henry S. Miller Jr., professor of internal medicine-cardiology
  • Paul R. Moran, professor of radiologic sciences (radiology)
  • Dr. Frederick Richards II, associate professor of internal medicine (hematology/oncology)
  • Stephen H. Richardson, professor of microbiology and immunology
  • Jai H. Ryu, professor of surgical sciences (otolaryngology)
  • B. Moseley Waite, professor of biochemistry
  • Velma Watts, associate professor of medical education
  • Dr. Duke B. Weeks, professor of anesthesiology
  • Dr. Neil T. Wolfman, professor of radiologic sciences (radiology)