New Faculty Members Join Wake Forest

Wake Forest University has hired 54 new faculty members for the 1998-99 academic year on the Reynolda Campus. Of that number, 38 were hired to teach in Wake Forest’s College of Arts and Sciences, eight in the Babcock Graduate School of Management, four in the Calloway School of Business and Accountancy, three in the Wake Forest School of Law and one in the new Wake Forest School of Divinity, set to open in fall 1999.

The new faculty are as follows:

College: Elizabeth M. Anthony, Romance languages; Robert Beachy, history; Thomas Concannon, physics; Corrado Corradini, Romance languages; Andrew Cross, philosophy; Jane Curry, theater; Richard DePolt, economics; James L. Ford, religion; Capri G. Foy, health and exercise science; Cynthia Gendrich, theater; Michael Gorkin, politics; Angela Hattery, sociology; Janine M. Jennings, psychology; Miaohua Jiang, mathematics; Allen Johnson, biology; Kristen Kennedy, English; Borislav Knezevic, English; Betty LaFrance, communication; Valery I. Lim, biology; David C. Lipscomb, English; Liu Shaozhong, East Asian languages and literatures; Alexandra J. MacDermott, chemistry; Jama Mohamed, history; Violeta Padron-Bermejo, Romance languages; Phyllis R. Pleasants, religion; Maria Rodriguez, Romance languages; Leticia Romo, Romance languages; Luis Roninger, anthropology; Kelli Sapp, biology; Miles R. Silman, biology; John C. Simonson, health and exercise science; William K. Smith, Babcock Chair of Botany; Yasuko Takata, Japanese; Julie H. Wayne, psychology; Catherine O. Welder, chemistry; Eric Wilson, English; Sharon K. Woodard, health and exercise science; and Derek Zelmer, biology. Babcock: James N. Farr; Sherry L. Jarrell; Stanley W. Mandel; Aneil K. Mishra; Thomas Ogburn; Dennis W. Organ; Scott M. Shafer; and H. Jeff Smith.

Calloway: Terry A. Baker, accounting; James W. Eynon, information systems; Audrey A. Gramling, accounting; and Roger L. Jenkins, F.J. Kirby Chair in Business Excellence.

Divinity: Phyllis Trible, associate dean and professor of biblical studies.

Law: Mary J. Davis; Timothy Davis; and Philip D. Oliver.

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