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Parking announcement for March 19

Due to a campus event, approximately 30 parking spaces on the outer perimeter of Parking Lot A will be closed on Wed., March 19.

Faculty/Staff Parking Options: Parking Lot Q and Wake Forest Rd. in front of the Chapel have routine openings on a daily basis. Parking Lot J, located behind Collins and South Residence Halls, is available for faculty, staff and general parking. This lot is the least utilized on campus and should provide parking throughout this day.

Questions? Contact Alex Crist at 336-758-2558.

When parking lots are closed for event parking, carpooling is a smart option to consider as it saves gas and time looking for a parking space.

Indoor emergency alarm tests planned March 10-12

Wake Forest University will soon test an upgraded fire alarm system that will bring seven new voice messages to emergency speakers in halls and lobbies in many of its academic, administrative and residential buildings.

Anyone in those buildings March 10-12 (during Spring Break) likely will hear test messages announcing an active shooter, an armed intruder, a tornado or other threatening weather. Testing will also include shelter in place, building evacuation and all clear messages.

Wake Forest is bringing the new voice messages to 28 buildings, with long-term plans to bring them to additional facilities. Already, the University has fire alarm systems campus-wide; some feature a voice message announcing a fire emergency.

The additional messages are made possible by upgrades to existing fire alarm systems.

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All campus buildings now under new cleaning schedule

The University’s Strategic Resources Initiative Committee recommended that the daily cleaning schedule of offices (including removal of trash and recyclables) in academic and administrative buildings be reduced to one day per week. Faculty and staff requiring more frequent trash removal, especially of any food waste, are asked to use designated waste and recycling receptacles located in each building, or to place their trash container in the hallway outside their office at the end of the day.

The phase in of the revised cleaning program is now complete with Alumni Hall being the last building to transition.

Should you have any questions or need additional assistance, call the Customer Service Center at 336-758-4255 or visit Wake Forest’s custodial website.

NOTE: All common areas (classrooms, conference rooms, hallways, bathrooms, break rooms, etc.) are cleaned daily.

Davis organizes cleanup of historic cemetery

20101202davis3530On Feb. 22, Wake Forest volunteers and other members of the community worked together to clean Odd Fellows Cemetery at an event organized by David Davis, manager of landscaping services.

Odd Fellows was created in 1911 and served as the only burial site for black residents for years. Since the 1950s, the cemetery has fallen into disrepair.

Davis organized the service project through the North Carolina Branch of the Professional Grounds Management Society. He was inspired by the story of Deltra Bonner, whose aunt’s gravesite was recently rediscovered.

“I felt led to do something,” Davis said.

Volunteers sowed grass, planted 2,500 flower bulbs and cleared away litter. They also worked to remove a tree that fell last June.

James Clyburn, president of the Friends of Odd Fellows Inc., appreciated the volunteers’ efforts. “It’s very exciting to see people to come out and help clean up a cemetery that’s been in disarray for over 30 to 40 years,” he said.

Derrick Boone, associate dean for the Masters of the Arts in Management program at the University, brought his son to the event to teach him the value of service and history. Dedee Johnston, director of the Wake Forest Office of Sustainability, organized students to volunteer at the event. “This is a culturally significant site,” she said. “This is a great opportunity to bring some dignity back to the space.”

Read the full story in the Winston-Salem Journal.

Associate vice president for facilities and campus services named

John Shenette will join Wake Forest University as associate vice president for Facilities & Campus Services. Shenette brings extensive experience in facilities operations, including leadership roles at several institutions of higher education. Most recently, he served as associate vice president for facilities management at Smith College in Northampton, Mass. As a member of the President’s senior staff, Shenette has overseen areas such as Smith College’s construction management and planning, facilities renovations, grounds maintenance and utilities generation/cogeneration. He has earned a number of industry awards for excellence and innovation, and has conducted comprehensive research on opportunities facing the facilities environment.

Shenette will join the University in March.

December 2013 staff milestones

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November 2013 coming and goings

See a list of employees joining and leaving the University in November 2013:

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Five staff members earn CORE certification

Marc Jones, Sheila Lockhart, Tammy Griffin and Stephanie Reitz have earned their CORE certification.

Jones, Lockhart, Griffin and Reitz

Five staff members have completed the necessary requirements for the CORE certification offered through the Professional Development Center (PDC). Recipients are: Tammy Griffin, Dean’s Office; Marc Jones, Facilities and Campus Services; Sheila Lockhart, Department of Religion; Jennifer Price, Facilities and Campus Services; Stephanie Reitz, Center for Bioethics, Health, and Society

CORE, which stands for “Cultivating our Organization to Realize Excellence,” was launched in September of 2011 as an outcome of the climate survey to offer more sustained developmental options for faculty and staff on campus. CORE is built around five competencies that are meaningful and relevant to the campus: communication, community, leadership, organizational acumen and personal progression.

The CORE Program allows participants to recognize personal and professional strengths that can be applied to better themselves and the campus community.

Learn more about the CORE curriculum here.

Follow @thepdc for the latest news on professional development at Wake Forest.

Power outage Saturday, Dec. 21

A power outage is planned for the Reynolda Campus and University Corporate Center (UCC) on Saturday, Dec. 21. Power to the campus and UCC will be shut down at approximately 8 a.m. so that repairs may be made to the Cherry Street substation.

By approximately 1 p.m., power will be returned to most of the campus. Power is expected to be restored to all of campus and to UCC by 7 p.m.

To prepare for the power outage, Facilities & Campus Services makes the following recommendations:

– Servers not connected to backup power sources should be powered down by 7 a.m.

– Shut down desktop and laptop computers, unless instructed otherwise by Information Systems or administrative staff. If a computer, speaker, phone charger, etc., are on one power strip, turn off the power strip after shutting down your computer.

– If possible, unplug non-essential equipment such as copiers, fax machines, printers, scanners and chargers.

– If possible, unplug all appliances, including coffee makers, microwaves, televisions and radios. (Do not unplug refrigerators.)

– Turn off office lights and as much public lighting as possible in hallways, bathrooms, break rooms and conference rooms.

If you experience any issues or problems during the outage, have any special requirements or need to be notified when the power is restored, contact Ed Bullington at 240-0033, or the Utilities Operation Center at 758-4747.

This message is provided by Facilities & Campus Services.

Exterior window washing is underway

On Dec. 3, Facilities & Campus Services will begin the process of washing exterior windows for the following buildings:

Museum of Anthropology, ROTC, WFDD, Worrell Professional Center, Alumni Hall, Miller Center, Manchester Athletic Center, Reynolds Gym, HS Moore Building, Cardiac Research Center, Student Social Center, Nanotechnology

Because of the nature of this work, the proposed schedule may need to be adjusted due to changes in weather conditions. We apologize for any inconvenience.