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July 2016 staff milestones

See a list of staff milestones for July 2016:

1 year

Michael Abhulimen; Executive Director; WFUSB-Non-Accounting Prog Admin
Derek Reynold Avery; Senior Associate Dean; WFUSB-Instruction
Sophia Anna Bredice; Laptop Program Manager; WakeWare
Briana Ray Brewer; Recruiting Assistant Fellow; Athletics: Football
Kathryn Virginia Christman; Associate Chaplain; Chaplain’s Office
Hilary Jean Floyd; Administrative Assistant; Divinity School
Kisha Ann Garris; Administrative Assistant; Counseling
Michael David Greco; Asst Dir, Client Technologies; IS: Client Services
Lindsay Elizabeth Hudson Ortyn; Fellow, Creative Communication; Advncmt:Comm. & External Relations
Charles Lindberg Joyner; Dishwasher; Graylyn: Food Services
Stephen Gordon Kirkland; Director, Athletic Comm; Athletics: Media Relations
Corynn Nicole Kolberg; Development Associate; Advancement: Wake Forest Fund
William Berkley Lawson; Ticket Sales Representative; Athletics: Group Sales
Colleen Elizabeth Lofton; Program Coordinator; Women’s Center
David Millikan Myers; Development Associate; Advancement: Wake Forest Fund
Kathleen Anne O’Rourke; HR Representative; Human Resources
Jason Michael Oppel; Applications Administrator II; IS: Client Services
Lanita Danielle Parker; Asst Dir Research & Curriculum; Pro Humanitate Institute
Bradley Allen Pounders; Development Associate; Advancement: Wake Forest Fund
Margaret Hensdale Raney; Development Associate; Advancement: Wake Forest Fund
Maria Andrea Roa; HR Coordinator; Human Resources
Monique Shandae Savage; Certified Medical Assistant; Student Health Service
Eudora Jean Struble; Procurement Card Administrator; Procurement Services
Katherine Ebert Thore; Legal Staff Assistant; Law: Elder Clinic
Allie J Wall; Transportation Assistant; Graylyn: Guest Services
William H Washington; Floor Care Technician; FACS: Custodial Services
Sean Robert Wilkinson; Asst Dir, Creative Comm; Advncmt:Comm. & External Relations
Timothy Wilkinson; Associate Dean; Student Engagement
William B. Wood; Service Technician II; Athletics: Facilities Mgmt

5 years

Shana Christine Atkins; Asst Dir, Account Mgmt & Plan; Advncmt:Comm. & External Relations
Robert D. Brenner; Assistant Coach; Athletics: Soccer – Men
Carmen I. Canales; Chief Human Resources Officer; Human Resources
John Justin Champlin; Assistant Director, PDC; Human Resources
Mercy Itty Eyadiel; Chief Corp Engagement Officer; WFUSB-Market Readiness & Employment
Ryan D. Hill; Biomechanics Lab Coordinator; Health & Exercise Science
Gretta Davis Kohler; Associate Director; Advncmt:Comm. & External Relations
Ann Loretta Mertes; Executive Housekeeper; President’s Home
Harold L. Pace; Assistant Provost/Registrar; Registrar’s Office
Kristy Lea Sauerbry; Sr Study Abroad Advisor; Global Abroad Programs
Heather M. Wong; Assistant Athletic Trainer; Athletics: Sports Medicine

10 years

Thomas P. Benza; Associate Director; Financial Aid Office
Glenda M. Frye; Accounts Payable Rep; Financial & Accounting Service
Jennifer Parker Harris; Associate Dean; Admissions: Undergraduate
Allison Courtney Perkins; Associate Provost; Institutional & General
Cindy Lloyd Shultz; Security Officer; University Police
Tina Herman Smith; Museum Educator; Anthropology: Museum
Carolyn C. Winebarger; Asst to the Executive VP; Executive Vice President

15 years

Julia Kathlene Blackwell; Conference Coordinator; Graylyn: Ads & Promotions
Sonia Del Carmen Carpio; Custodian; FACS: Custodial Services
Scott L. Emerson; Director, Financial Planning; FACS: Administration
Barry Whitley Faircloth; Sr Associate AD, Development; Athletics: Development
Kim Mathieson Fields; Director; Law: Career Services
Nicolle L. Gaillard; Procurement Specialist II; Procurement Services
Ann R. Gordon; Purchasing Assistant; Graylyn: Admin & General
Eloisa Molina Jacobo; Custodian; FACS: Custodial Services
Christine Neumann Lennon; Senior HR Partner; Human Resources
Bobby D. Parrish; Groundskeeper; FACS: Landscaping Services
Ryan A. Scholl; Project Manager, Senior; IS: Portfolio Management
Deborah Willoughby Snyder; Administrative Coordinator; Teaching and Learning Center
Lawton Evertt Winfield; Sous Chef; Graylyn: Food Services
Jason L. Woody; Manager, Facilities & Safety; Graylyn: Maintenance
Shan L. Woolard; Assistant Director; OPCD: Career & Professional Dev
Marcus W. Wright; NMR Laboratory Director; Chemistry

20 years

Teresa Williams Earl; Coordinator, Marketing; Residence Life & Housing
Elizabeth Burnette Nolan; Director, Faculty Affairs; WFUSB-Faculty Resource Dept
James Rae; Sergeant; University Police

25 years

Dana Michele Hutchens; Asst Dir, Employer Experience; OPCD: Employer Relations
Thomas Dean Jarvis; Turf Technician II; Athletics: Facilities Mgmt
Katherine Ann Mewhinney; Clinical Professor; Law: Elder Clinic
Christopher Mark Woodard; Business Manager; Health & Exercise Science

30 years

Gale W. Newport; Operations Manager; University Union

35 years

Janet B Cromer; Associate Director; Law: Admissions
Michael G. Ford; Dir, Philanthropy Programs; Campus Life

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