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Reporting discrimination and harassment

This message is shared on behalf of Human Resources and the Office of the Provost. 

We write today to remind faculty and staff of the University’s non-discrimination policies and existing mechanisms for reporting complaints of discrimination and harassment under those policies.

Discrimination and harassment are antithetical to the values and standards of the Wake Forest community, and are incompatible with the safe, healthy environment that the Wake Forest community expects and deserves. They will not be tolerated. Wake Forest is committed to providing programs, activities, and education and work environments free from discrimination and harassment. Wake Forest is also committed to fostering a community that promotes prompt reporting and fair and timely resolution of those behaviors.

In commitment to these principles, the University’s Non-Discrimination Statement expressly prohibits discrimination in its employment practices and its educational programs and activities on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information, disability, and veteran status. The University also has a comprehensive Sex and Gender Discrimination and Harassment Policy that prohibits discrimination, harassment, and misconduct on the basis of sex and gender.

Wake Forest strongly​ encourages all employees to promptly report concerns regarding suspected or known discrimination or harassment directly to one of these designated individuals:

Aishah Casseus, J.D., 
Title IX Coordinator and Section 504/ADA Coordinator
titleixcoordinator@nullwfu.edu | casseua@nullwfu.edu | 336.758.7258
Mandatory Reporter

Melissa Clodfelter, Ph.D.,
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
askHR@nullwfu.edu | clodfem@nullwfu.edu | 336.758.4700
Mandatory Reporter

For non-emergency reports of possible criminal conduct, call the University Police at 336.758.5591. In the event of an emergency, call 911.

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December 2021 Payroll Deadlines

The following message is shared on behalf of Payroll Services.

Managers, non-exempt colleagues, and student employees should take note of the following December payroll deadlines and complete all required tasks by the stated deadlines to ensure all colleagues are paid in a timely manner this December. 

Estimate Hours for Dec. 14-17: Employees must make sure their estimated hours are entered into Workday. Managers with employees that check in/out must enter the estimated hours for the employee. All needs to be approved by 3:00 p.m. on Dec.14.

Administrative Leave for Dec. 20-23: Due to the extended winter break, non-exempt staff must submit administrative leave in Workday if they will not be working Dec. 20-23. Non-exempt staff who do not record administrative leave will not be paid for this time. No off-cycle checks will be issued for administrative leave not entered and approved by the deadline. Non-exempt staff working Dec. 20-23 should enter hours as usual and speak to their manager about utilizing administrative leave at another time during calendar year 2022. If an employee will be working Dec. 20-23, their manager will need to estimate, enter, and approve those hours by Dec. 14.

Processing of the biweekly and student payroll will begin promptly the morning of Dec. 15. Hours that are not approved when processing begins will not be paid until the next payroll cycle. Due to the short time frame for processing this payroll, no exceptions can be made to this. To ensure that all non-exempt staff and student employees receive a paycheck on pay day we must have all time sheets approved prior to processing.

Below are some helpful resources for employees to estimate time and managers to make corrections to estimate hours in Workday. 

If you have any questions please contact the payroll team at payroll@nullwfu.edu

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Sign up to receive an electronic W-2

The following message is shared on behalf of Payroll Services.

Wake Forest University offers employees to elect to receive their W-2s electronically. Electronic W-2s are available up to two weeks sooner than printed and mailed forms. Additionally, they can be easily downloaded through Automatic Data Process (ADP) into tax software, reducing the risk of keying errors and the time it takes to file taxes and receive returns. Electronic W-2s also help protect the environment by reducing printed costs and offer a more secure distribution of your confidential information.

If you are a new employee or you have not previously elected to receive an electronic W-2, please enroll using the following instructions:

  1. In Workday, click the Pay worklet (icon)
  2. In the View section, click My Tax Documents (click More for additional options)
  3. Under the Printing Election column, click Edit
  4. Select Receive electronic copy of my Year End Tax Documents
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Done

If you have any questions or need assistance during the enrollment process, please contact payroll@nullwfu.edu.

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More Barn Concerts: Swing jazz band Queen Bee and the Honeylovers

This is a guest post from the More Barn Concert Series.

More Barn Concerts proudly presents Queen Bee and the Honeylovers on Thursday, Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m. at The Barn at Reynolda Village.

Queen Bee and the Honeylovers is an unabashedly joyful swing band that performs all-original compositions with a dedicated ‘nod’ to the small-jazz-combo and ‘hot club’ legends who first defined the genre. The Honeylovers hail from Asheville, North Carolina, where tradition collides with contemporary innovation to create brand new art and culture. Their arrangements are upbeat and nostalgic with enough sweetness for the whole hive. Vocal-driven with an infectious groove, the Honeylovers are guaranteed to put a grin on your face and a tap in your toes. Read more

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Annual Benefits Enrollment period ends Oct. 29

This message is shared on behalf of Wake Forest University Human Resources.

The final day to enroll for benefits or to elect a Flexible Spending Account for the 2021 plan year is this Friday, October 29. If you have not already enrolled, please take a few minutes to do so. You will need to enroll if you are changing benefit elections, adding or removing a dependent(s), and/or planning to participate in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). If you do not enroll, your current benefit elections and dependent(s) will remain the same, with the exception of FSA elections. FSA elections do not automatically renew from one year to the next, and require active enrollment from you each plan year.

Visit the Annual Benefits Enrollment page on the HR website to learn more.