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Subway reopens on campus

Students talk inside Subway.Without any official notification, when Wake Forest students saw the lights on inside the renovated Subway restaurant on Hearn Plaza Monday morning, they came pouring in. The extra space gained from the relocation of Wells Fargo bank to Benson University Center came in handy for students to stand in line completely inside the newly finished Subway and The Pod convenience store.

For the first two days (Oct. 8 and 9), the restaurant and store will operate from 10:30 a.m. until 9 p.m., then around the clock, seven days a week, beginning Oct. 10.

“We’re set up with double registers, so we will be able to serve people in the Subway line with very little waiting,” said David Raiger, resident district manager of Aramark. “That change, along with the 50 or so seats inside, offers students, faculty and staff much to enjoy about the new space, and is part of our efforts to enhance dining options on campus.”

Students order in Subway.The new restaurant features a Coca-Cola Freestyle touch-screen drink dispenser, which features more than 100 fountain drink flavors. Moving over to The Pod, many refrigerated and frozen meal options are available, along with a selection of fresh fruit, snacks and drinks. One new addition is a f’real milkshake and smoothie machine that creates custom blended drinks on the spot.

Beginning Oct. 11, Shorty’s in Benson University Center will remain open until 3 a.m., as part of this year’s dining services enhancements. Last year, Shorty’s closed at 11 p.m. The food court will resume regular hours.

More dining changes are expected in the fall 2013 semester when an Einstein Bros. Bagel shop in Farrell Hall and a new north campus dining center open. Read more in the Old Gold and Black.

Subway, convenience store construction continues

Opening expected by early October

The fall semester will bring a bigger Subway shop and a new convenience store to Hearn Plaza in the space where Wells Fargo and a smaller Subway operated until this summer.

The Subway and adjacent store are expected to open in early October. The renovation is taking place in Davis Residence Hall on Hearn Plaza.

Offering indoor seating, the Subway and store will be open around the clock, seven days a week. The 24-hour schedule evolved out of student requests for such service.

Shorty’s in Benson University Center will be open 24 hours a day until Subway and the store begin operating. At that point, Shorty’s will move to a different schedule.

The late-night Shorty’s menu features Old Gold Swipes options and late-night breakfast and burger selections. The Old Gold Swipes meal plan offers options to dine at several campus dining locations.

In addition, the Benson food court has extended its hours until midnight, while Subway construction is underway. Open until midnight are Chick-Fil-A, Moe’s, Take 2 and Forest Greens. The food court will have a new schedule once Subway and the store open.