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August 2016 comings and goings

See a list of employees joining and leaving the University in August 2016:


Atkins, Charles Dwight; Adjunct; Dept of Mathematics and Statistics
Baiocchi, Philip Anthony; Part-Time Lecturer; Classical Languages
Bliss, Ann Coulter; Adjunct; WFUSB-Instruction
Boykin, Lakevia Sabrea; Video Coord/Assist Director; Athletics: Basketball – Women
Brandon, Howard Bruce; Adjunct; Law: Instruction
Bryant, Arian Danorris; Transportation Manager; Parking & Transportation
Campbell, Emily Carol; Adjunct; Online Counseling Program
Canzona, Joshua Shane; Adjunct; Divinity School
Caskey, Laura M; Assistant Athletic Trainer; Athletics: Sports Medicine
Cohen, Brian J; Program Coordinator; Sustainability
Cosby, Molly; Event Coordinator; Advancement:University Events
Cozzi, Jacopo; Part-Time Assistant Professor; Romance Languages
Crowell, Darlene; Housekeeper; Graylyn: Rooms
Davis, Susan Ellen; Adjunct; English
Davis, Terry; Server; Graylyn: Food Services
Dubuisson, Shannon; Assoc Dir University Events; Advancement:University Events
Fischer, Elizabeth Lane; Adjunct Assistant Professor; Instruction and Support
Freeland, Robert Edward; Adjunct; Sociology
Friedman, Jacqueline Nell Wagner; Part-Time Asst Prof; Psychology
Fuller, Julia Rochelle; Server; Graylyn: Food Services
Gallagher, Alexis Chad; Parking Enforcement Officer; Parking & Transportation
Galyon, Randall Stuart; Adjunct; Law: Instruction
Gambill, Christopher Reginald; Adjunct; Divinity School
Gfeller, Matthew; Service Technician; FACS: Maintenance Team 2
Gordon, Jane Slatton; Adjunct; Online Counseling Program
Green, Thomas Martin; Media Producer; Graduate School: Administration
Hallam, Mobashera E; Adjunct; Dept of Mathematics and Statistics
Hamilton, Jackson Carter; Ticket Sales Representative; Athletics: Group Sales
Hanks, Christopher Lee; Assistant Athletic Trainer; Athletics: Sports Medicine
Harris, Joshua Leon; Part-Time Lecturer; Instruction and Support
Haselden, Muriel H; Financial Reporting Analyst; Financial & Accounting Service
Hayes, John W; Director, Track & Field; Athletics: Track & Cross Ctry-Men
Heath, Holly Ann; BASICS Facilitator; Wellbeing
Heffner, Ashley Lewis; Part-Time Asst Professor; Psychology
Hellenga, Allison Leigh; Comm & Event Coordinator; Sustainability
Holley-Chinnis, Kimberly G; Payroll Manager; Financial & Accounting Service
Horton, Carolyn Dianne; Adjunct; Divinity: Vocational Development
Howell, Sarah Stockton; Adjunct; Divinity School
Huie, Dennis Weldon; Adjunct Assistant Professor; Health & Exercise Science
Johnson, Hannah Elizabeth; Administrative Assistant; Advancement: National Major Gifts
Jones, Maria Teresa; Adjunct; Divinity School
Kerr, Anthony Joseph; Sports Performance Assistant; Athletics: Basketball – Men
Kerr, Lynne T; Global Programs Assistant; Global Abroad Programs
Keshian, Nancy T; Wake Advisory Board Manager; Advancement: VP Office
Kinder, Kylie Rae; Wake Forest Fellow; Student Art Gallery-ReynoldaVillage
Klein, Chelsea Lynne; National Engagement Coord; Advancement: VP Office
Lamb, Kenneth Michael; University Scholar; WFU Special Opportunities
Lee, Jacob Robert; Server; Graylyn: Food Services
Lin, Yu-hsin; Part time Lecturer; East Asian Language & Cultures
Linder, Laura Ragan; Part-Time Lecturer; Communication
Marshall, Toure Cabral; Adjunct; Divinity School
Marter, Anna; Study Abroad Advisor; Global Abroad Programs
Measell, Scott; Event Management Assistant; Athletics: Game Day Operations
Merrill, Wesley C; Event Operations Assistant; Athletics: Game Day Operations
Meyer, Erin Kathleen; Athletics Assistant; Athletics: Media Relations
Moffett Marshall, Eustacia N.; Adjunct; Divinity School
Mondschein, Brian Emmanuel; Assistant Coach; Athletics: Track & Cross Ctry-Men
Moore, Dawn Kimella; Housekeeper; Graylyn: Rooms
Mumford, Christopher L.; Adjunct Lecturer; Entrepreneurship-Academ Initiatives
Nation, Coleman Philip; Technician; Advancement: VP Office
Oline, Sarah Frances; Asst/Assoc Dir, Law Admission; Law: Admissions
Parker, John Dempsey; Adjunct; Divinity School
Patterson, Natori Dante; Lobby Attendant; Graylyn: Rooms
Penry, James Anthony; Adjunct; Law: Instruction
Phillips, Kimberly Clark; Adjunct Assistant Professor; Health & Exercise Science
Pool, Gregory Arthur; Adjunct Professor; Entrepreneurship-Academ Initiatives
Prentice, Michael Steven; Postdoctoral Research Assoc; Psychology
Preston, Susan Dorothy; Tutor; Athletics: Student Athletes Svcs
Pung, Daniel R; Event Management Assistant; Athletics: Game Day Operations
Ratley, Megan Leigh; Asst Dir, Law Alumni Engagemnt; Advancement: Alumni Services
Ryberg, Cody John; Study Abroad Advisor; Global Abroad Programs
Saavedra, Yeniz; Laundry Attendant; Graylyn: Rooms
Sanders, Gordon Elmo; Assistant Coach; Athletics: Track & Cross Ctry-Women
Saunier, Celie Mailry; Part-time Teaching Assistant; Romance Languages
Scott, Tonya Leeann Miller; Adjunct Lecturer; Instruction and Support
Sims, Benjamin Dickson; Production Assistant; Graduate School: Administration
Slater, Jovanna Jamara; Server; Graylyn: Food Services
Smith, Kevin Antonio; Regional Director; Athletics: Development
Smith, Thomas P.; Executive Director; WFUSB-Charlotte Program Admin
Sowell, Shaun Michelle; Adjunct; Counseling
Sparks, Steven Wesley; Adjunct Lecturer; Politics and International Affairs
Starrett, David Bryan; Adjunct Professor; WFUSB-Instruction
Stone, Owen Smith; Asst Dir, National Engagement; Advancement: Alumni Services
Stripling, Theodore Edward; Adjunct; Online Counseling Program
Tyler, Beverly Christina; Senior Associate Registrar; Registrar’s Office
Wang, Ying-Chieh; Part-Time Lecturer; East Asian Language & Cultures
Wechter, Austin John; Assistant Director; OPCD: Marketing and Communications
Wiles, Bobby D.; Groundskeeper; FACS: Landscaping Services
Williams, Byron Clyde; Adjunct; Divinity: Vocational Development
Windell, Jennifer Ann; Accountant, Fixed Assets; Financial & Accounting Service
Ye, Qing; Part-Time Lecturer; East Asian Language & Cultures
Yu, Qiaona; Visiting Assistant Professor; East Asian Language & Cultures
Ziglar, David T; Server; Graylyn: Food Services
Zizzi, Catherine Marie; Adjunct Lecture; Online Counseling Program


Brown, Franklin Alexander; WFUSB-Diversity Initiatives
Bush, Karen Saylor; WFUSB-MA Program Admin
Chatman, Chasidy; Human Resources
Fanning, Emily; Graylyn: Food Services
Franklin, Robert Matthew; FACS: Project Management
Gordon, Anne Dunn; Athletics: Administration
Hinrichs, Paul Thomas; Athletics: Group Sales
Hunt, S. B.; Athletics: Track & Cross Ctry-Men
Hutcherson, Jennifer Ann; Law: LL.M. Program
James, Boris William; Reynolda Village
McLean, Jennifer Nicole; Wellbeing
Mills, Joshua R.; Athletics: Basketball – Men
Odell, Ann M.; Graylyn: Food Services
Rae, James; University Police
Reader, Desiree; Graylyn: Rooms
Richey, Abby Leigh; Health & Exercise Science
Richey, Nicholas K.; Athletics: Sports Medicine
Sauerbry, Kristy Lea; Global Abroad Programs
Scott, Matthew Barrington Duke; Graylyn: Guest Services
Sharpee, Jacqueline; Athletics: Sports Marketing
Sion, Zebulon R.; Athletics: Track & Cross Ctry-Men
Smith, Kaitlin Fara; University Theatre
Thompson, Sharon K.; Law: Instruction
Tyree, Scott Daniel; FACS: Maintenance Team 1
West, Ryan Dennis; Philosophy

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