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June 2016 comings and goings

See a list of employees joining and leaving the University in June 2016:


Alam, Shah Nomair; Coord International Admissions; Admissions: Undergraduate
Athens, Genevieve; Outreach Coordinator; Bioethics
Bonar, Joanne R; Server; Graylyn: Food Services
Bosworth, Megan Elizabeth; Assistant Director; Advancement: Alumni Services
Cales, Danielle Prather; Admissions Counselor; Admissions: Undergraduate
Chambliss, Sonya R.; Manager, Constituent Strategy; Constituent Management & Research
Demirtas, Ozgur; Research Assistant Professor; Center for Leadership and Character
Eng, Alice; Electronic Resources Librarian; Library – ZSR
Espenschied, Thomas M.; Event and Program Assistant; Reynolda House: Event/Program Mgmt
Fanning, Mark; Transportation Assistant; Graylyn: Guest Services
Ferguson, William M.; Head Coach, Volleyball; Athletics: Volleyball – Women
Gold, Russell Morris; Associate Professor; Law: Instruction
He, Ping ; Finance and Admin Analyst; WFUSB-Administration
Holmes, Phillip T; Dishwasher; Graylyn: Food Services
Livingston, Donovan Albert; Summer Immersion Program; CLT Executive Instruction
Mauzy, Shelton Pettyjohn; Group Fitness Instructor; Fitness Center
McElderry, Jonathan A; Assistant Dean & Director, ICC; Intercultural Center
Nelson, Jeremiah Scott; Director, CLT Enrollment Mgmt; WFUSB-Charlotte Program Admin
Newson, Lynn A.; Director, Compliance; Athletics: Compliance Office
Velazco, Danielle Garcia; Event Manager; WFUSB-Charlotte Program Admin
Wallace, Christopher Michael; Assistant Director; FACS: Custodial Services
Wallace, Daniel James; Assistant Director; Athletics: Media Relations
Whitley, Margaret L.; Summer Immersion Program; CLT Executive Instruction


Avery, Sarah; Graylyn: Food Services
Bailey, Brenda Marie; Graylyn: Food Services
Barlow, Jennifer Elizabeth; Romance Languages
Beauregard, Bradford Michael; Athletics: Equipment Room
Bowen, Edward Maurice; Romance Languages
Boyette, Sandra Combs; President’s Office
Bradley, Kylie C; Library – ZSR
Brooks, Ashley Nicole; Graylyn: Food Services
Brooks, Katharine Stroup; OPCD: Administration
Brooks, Tyrie Squawn; FACS: Landscaping Services
Burnett, Crystal Gail; FACS: Custodial Services
Butts, James Michael; English
Byrd, Le’Ron Anthony; Int’l Students & Scholars
Cain, Carol Lynn; WFUSB-Instruction
Calicott, Millesa Anne; Chaplain’s Office
Campbell, Emily Carol; Online Counseling Program
Carmichael, Sierra Briann; FACS: Custodial Services
Covington, Cortez Antroine; FACS: Custodial Services
Durotoye, Oluyomi Oluokun; Politics and International Affairs
Eccles, Cornell; FACS: Landscaping Services
Feldman, Jeremy Adam; Athletics: Tennis – Men
Gardner, James A.; FACS: Maintenance Team 1
Gemmell, Robert M; WFUSB-Instruction
Gossett, Melissa Danae; Graylyn: Conference Services
Griffith, Molly Garvin; Advancement: National Major Gifts
Hartley, Anselma Gabrielle; Psychology
Henry, Laura; Law: Instruction
Hipp, Earl Clayton; WFUSB-Instruction
Hopkins, Muriel Elizabeth; Law: Instruction
Hurst, Allison Lynn; Graylyn: Rooms
Jarrell, Sherry L.; WFUSB-Instruction
Kim, Stella Soojin; Romance Languages
Kuguru, Sonia Sarah Muthoni; President’s Office
Li, Fangfang; East Asian Language & Cultures
Martinez, Robert R; Counseling
McNabb, Mark Malcolm; WFUSB-Instruction
Miles, Veronice; Divinity School
Moore, Darren Lamar; FACS: Custodial Services
Robinson, Michael Levi; University Police
Rodriguez-Pastor, Enrique Carlos; WFDD – Development
Rolle, Nehemiah Jordan; Provost’s Office
Scott, Catherine Lynn; WFUSB-Enrollment Management
Silman, Alycia Kay; Psychology
Slodounik, Hannah Kaye; Sustainability
Sorokina, Nonna Y; WFUSB-Instruction
Sykes, Jeffrey H.; Graylyn: Food Services
Talley, Johnnie O’Neil; Health & Exercise Science
Tamura, Chelsea Midori Ann; Global Abroad Programs
Teasley, Donald; FACS: Landscaping Services
Thacker, Emma Sowards; Education
Tupper, E. Frank; Divinity School
Turner, August Seth; FACS: Custodial Services
Walker, Deborah L.; Law: Admissions
Williams, Evelyn J.; OPCD: Administration

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